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Entry #2


2009-02-09 15:54:40 by Bummer6

OKAY! So, I've been working a lot in flash lately and I've got most of it figured out... I think... So I wanna start on my first flash animation, but I've run into one of 'em artist blocks... Yeah, most of you should know about them all too well.

To make matters worse, we got an assignment in school saying we have to make a short animation for class. Perfect timing for an artist block, wouldn't you say? So just post ANY ideas or suggestions you might have lying around inside your head as a comment to this post. Counting on you guys!

Oh, and obviously if I use any of your ideas as inspiration I'll give you credit. Ciao!


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2009-08-21 14:37:19

Well, here you go: I wanted to make a little flash series setteld in a scenario like "Alternative Future Ägyt" or somthing. I've even made music for it, but i had to notice I was to poor of an artis (in terms of drawing) that I just couldn't realize it. So I give you the link; listen to it, read my comments and let it inspire you to a masterpiece, I hope ;) n/265872 n/264623 n/261035